Who we are:

dynago is network of people with a unique mix of entrepreneurial, executive and advisory skills. We apply these skills to our client's challenges and opportunities. dynago is founded and driven by Christian Langen, an experienced manager with a broad, international background.

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How we support you:

dynago acts as an independent and inspiring advisor, coach and facilitator. We work with top management teams and executives worldwide, be it for a few days or over longer periods.

We bring our unique combination of first hand C-level experience as well as coaching competence to the table. By acting as a sparring partner and skilled facilitator, we help you and your team to create better solutions from the inside. Our cooperative approach works well with opportunities and challenges in all functional areas. Whether you want to drive business model innovation, re-shape your strategy, improve internal communication and cooperation in your leadership team or many other topics, we create a way forward that adds net value.

What others say:

"I was the CEO of a sizeable industrial company with a global footprint where Christian was part of my executive team for several years. Already as a management peer, Christian's input and advice as well as leadership and emphatic communication style were essential to successfully manage our rapid business transformation. I am happy to recommend his coaching and facilitation services to you."

Ted Scheidegger (Chairman of Engynious Group, former CEO Siemens Solar & Hydro, former CEO Sovello AG)